Thursday, 23 August 2012

Weekly Wish List

I was planning to do this on Wednesday to fit in with the alliterative theme, but I got distracted by my Cinnamon Rolls, and weekly works just as well.

Lakers Jersey
I saw these a couple of weeks ago and decided I needed one. I'm a big fan of mixing tight and baggy in one outfit. Think over-sized shirts with skinny jeans, or bodysuits with an A-line skirt. This would look great over a pair of denim shorts, and the colours would keep me in a good mood all day!

Vans Original Classic Authentics
I've had my Vans (the same pair as this one) for a couple of years now and they are well and truly on their way out! They've done me well over the years, not only being the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, but suddenly thrusting me into fashion after becoming popular earlier this year, which annoys me endlessly but that's a whole different post. Unfortunately, I've had to demote mine to work shoes, as the state they're in is only suitable for the likes of the kitchen, and they've had a thorough marinara bath when I was clumsy with the meatballs. So yeah, I'd say it's time for a new pair.

Honeybuns Gluten-Free Baking book.
I work for a fabulous restaurant called Leon. We're a chain in and around London, and if you're ever in the big city visiting, you really should make a visit! I was a huge fan a long time before I started working for them. Through Leon, I discovered Honeybuns, a fantastic company who make desserts, and other products like lip balms with flavours based on their desserts (yum!). They're big into gluten-free baking, and so released this book. I happen to know this book has the recipe for my favourite Honeybuns dessert, and based on that one and only recipe I NEED to know, I'm buying this book. Then maybe I can extend my baking repertoire to include gluten-free!

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